Zoning Amendment Application - WedgeWoods Sales Centre

Sep 21, 2017
Zoning/OCP Amendment Application
  • Electoral Area C
  • Resort Municipality of Whistler
  • Village of Pemberton

The SLRD received a zoning amendment application for Lot A, District Lot 2247, GP 1, NWD, Plan BCP39086 to add sales centre as a permitted use under the CDGRE zone in Electoral Area C Zoning Bylaw No. 765, 2002. There is an existing sales building located on the strata common property that was built under a Temporary Use Permit (TUP). This TUP cannot be renewed, thus the continued use requires a zoning amendment. 

Proposed Zoning Amendment: to allow for a sales centre (within a building that currently exists) on the strata common property.

In addition to the sales centre piece, staff are proposing some minor text amendments which would add clarifying language to aspects of the CDGRE Zone that have contributed to confusion among the public and staff.

Current Status

The Zoning Amendment Bylaw was adopted by the SLRD Board at the September 20, 2017 Board meeting. 

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