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Development Permits

A Development Permit is a permit approved by the SLRD Board that specifies how development is to occur on a given parcel of land. A Development Permit is required when the property to be developed is situated within a Development Permit Area designated in an Official Community Plan.

A Guide to the Development Permit Process


Diversion Storage Technical Design Guidelines

Development Application Form


(there is one application form for all development applications other than Wildfire - see below) 


Riparian Area Development Permits

A Riparian Area Development Permit is required for any development activity within 30m of a waterbody within a Riparian Development Permit Area. Riparian areas are designated under the provincial Riparian Areas Regulation for the protection of the natural environment, its ecosystems, and biological diversity. 

A Guide to the Riparian Area Development Permit process

Development Variance Permits

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) allows for the relaxation of certain Squamish-Lillooet Regional District zoning bylaw requirements, other than use or density, such as setbacks from a lot line.


Official Community Plan Amendments

An Official Community Plan amendment is required any time a proposed land use contravenes an Official Community Plan. 

A Guide to Official Community Plan Amendments

Zoning Amendments

A Zoning Amendment is required if the proposed land use is not permitted under the existing zoning. 

A Guide to Zoning Amendments

Temporary Industrial and Commercial Use Permits

Temporary Commercial or Industrial Use Permits can authorize a particular use to occur, temporarily, in a zone where it is not usually permitted. The permit is issued for a specified period of time and establishes the conditions under which the temporary use may be carried on.


Wildfire Protection Development Area Permits

A Wildfire Protection Development Permit is required for development activities that involve construction of, addition to or alteration of a building or other structure, where a building permit is required. Some exemptions apply (see each Electoral Area Official Community Plan for full details). 

A Guide to the Wildfire Protection Development Area Permit process

Wildfire Development Application Form

Soil Deposit and Removal Permits

A permit is required to deposit or remove soil within the SLRD, where the deposit or removal involves 10 cubic metres or more of soil. 

See the Soil Deposit and Removal Bylaw for full details

Soil Deposit and Removal Permit Application

Campground Permits

In Electoral Area D, a Campground Permit is required for all campground operations, including tent and RV sites. 

See the Campground Bylaw for full details 

Campground Permit Application

Farm Worker Housing 

Applications for farm worker housing must be made directly to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) through the Non Adhering Residential Use Application (NARU). Check the applicable zoning bylaw to ensure your proposal complies with SLRD regulations.

See the ALC NARU Application Policy for details

ALC Applications

Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)

The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is a provincial designation on land in which agriculture is recognized as a priority use. The ALR takes precedence over any other zoning on the land. If you wish to alter ALR boundaries or develop for non-farm use, you are required to apply to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) for approval.

Agricultural Land Reserve and Agricultural Land Comission Information

Agricultural Land Commission Application Instructions