Agricultural Inventories, Studies and Resources

Agriculture Land Use Inventories and Studies  

Agricultural Land Use Inventories (ALUIs) collect detailed data about land use and land cover in agricultural areas. This data can be used to generate a wealth of information in a broad range of fields including agricultural planning. The data includes the type and extent of agricultural activities within a region. This provides baseline information to help measure changes over time on agricultural lands. ALUI data can also be used to quantify land used, unavailable, and potentially available for agricultural purposes.

Electoral Area D and Squamish

The BC Ministry of Agriculture and its partners conducted an ALUI in the District of Squamish and in Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Electoral Area D in the summer of 2017. The ALUI was funded in part by District of Squamish, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, and Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial territorial initiative.

Electoral Area B and Lillooet

Electoral Area C and Pemberton

These projects were made possible by a partnership between the SLRD and the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and funded by the SLRD and the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC through programs it delivers on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture.

BC Agriculture Council

The BC Agriculture Council has two programs available to farmers - the Environmental Farm Plan Program (EFP Program) and the Climate Action Initiative. Developed by the BC Agriculture Council, these programs are provided through a partnership between Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC), the BC Ministry of Agriculture (BCMA) and the BC Agriculture Research and Development Corporation (ARDCorp).