SLRD Electoral Area C Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC)

For more information, contact:

Alix MacKay
T: (604) 894-6371 ext. 224
TF: 1-800-298-7753 ext. 224

The purpose of the Committee is to provide comments and recommendations to the SLRD Board on agricultural issues within the Pemberton Valley and other parts of Electoral Area C that are referred to the Committee by the Board.

AAC Terms of Reference - Bylaw 848, 2003
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At the beginning of each year applications are accepted from persons interested in serving on the SLRD Electoral Area C Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC). Applicants should meet the following minimum qualifications:

  1. be a land owner and/or permanent resident of Electoral Area C or Pemberton;
  2. have an interest in preserving the viability of farming in the Pemberton Valley & surrounding area;
  3. be from the farming and ranching community;
  4. possess a clear understanding and knowledge of topics affecting agricultural land;
  5. be available to commit to roughly 4 - 6 meetings per year, for a one or two year term.

Please note that you do not need to be a farmer - anyone who has an interest or expertise in agriculture and related matters is welcome to apply.

Current Membership:

  • Roxy Kuurne
  • Simone McIsaac
  • Lea Ronayne
  • Randy Lincks
  • Niki Vankerk
  • Chad Gilmore
  • Olivia Kester
  • Ministry of Agriculture Liaison:  Angela Boss
  • SLRD Board Liaison:  Russell Mack
  • Staff Liaison:  Alix MacKay