Area C and Pemberton Agricultural Area Plan

The Pemberton and Area C Agricultural Area Plan was initiated by the SLRD in 2008, with the support of the Investment Agriculture Foundation, and was adopted by the SLRD in 2012. It is intended to inform future decisions related to agriculture, and provide guidance in decision making and priority setting related to agriculture in the valley.

The vision, as set out in the plan, includes an efficient agriculture sector, with protected farmland and a high level of recognition and respect for the value of agriculture to the broader community. The vision further includes a cooperative working environment between and among farms, engaged local markets, local secondary processing, and a balance of both new and continuing operations.

The goals of the plan are as follows:

  1. Maintain the integrity of the ALR.
  2. Develop mechanisms to maintain the agricultural land base for working agriculture.
  3. Coordinate with other users to ensure that the natural advantages of the Pemberton Valley are protected.
  4. Diversify agriculture and comply with Seed Potato Regulations.
  5. Improve the economic viability of farming.
  6. Increase community awareness of, and support for, agriculture.
  7. Attract new farmers and engage new workers.

As Board policy, the Pemberton and Area C Agricultural Area Plan works in conjunction with existing policy documents, such as the Official Community Plan and the Regional Growth Strategy.  

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