Agricultural Plans

Agriculture is a major driver of economic growth in the SLRD, and a significant part of the regional landscape and history. The potential for further development of agriculture and agricultural activities in our region is very high, reflected in the diversity of current farming activities, the region’s highly productive soils, and plenty of available land. 

Preservation of agricultural land and the promotion of farming are integral to the well-being of Electoral Area B, C and D residents, and the region as a whole. The SLRD seeks to encourage the sustainable growth of the agriculture sector and food system through policy documents that guide the planning processes specifically related to agriculture in the region's farming areas.

Agricultural plans focuses on a community's farming areas to discover practical solutions to challenges and to identify opportunities to strengthen the agricultural sector and to contribute to the community's long-term sustainability. The intent of agricultural planning is to provide an overview of the current food system, develop policy and regulatory recommendations, and provide an implementation strategy to support the community’s agricultural viability.

The Electoral Area B, District of Lillooet and St’at’imc Agricultural Plan, the Area C and Pemberton Agricultural Area Plan, and the Squamish Valley Agricultural Plan were developed under the guiding principles of the Regional Growth Strategy and the area Official Community Plans, in collaboration with member municipalities and with input from the local farming communities and other stakeholders. 

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