Sustainability, Environmental & Climate Action Planning

Sustainability and sustainable development are concepts that the SLRD aims to integrate into all planning, policies, decisions and activities. A useful definition of sustainability is "living and managing activities in a way that balances social, economic, environmental and institutional considerations to meet our needs and those of future generations." 

Recognizing the need for an overarching sustainability plan and implementation strategy, the SLRD embarked on the process to develop an Integrated Sustainability Plan (ISP) in 2012.

Under provincial legislation enacted in 2006, the province took on the authority to regulate and/or restrict the development of Independent Power Projects (IPPs) on crown lands. However, the Regional District continues to require Temporary Use Permits and Building Permits for all projects.

The Riparian Area Regulation (RAR), which was enabled by the Fish Protection Act, was established by the Province in 2005.  It requires local governments to protect riparian areas through the development approval process using recommendations contained in Assessment Reports prepared by Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs). 

The SLRD has explored our regional assets and opportunities for sustainable energy through the following energy and emissions studies:

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