Housing Needs Reports & Resources

Housing Needs Reports

All local governments in BC are required to complete Housing Needs Reports by April 2022 and every five years thereafter. These reports describe current and anticipated housing needs, and they will help local governments and the Provinical government better understand and respond to housing needs in communities throughout BC. In an effort to enhance knowledge sharing and capacity building among local governments in the region, the SLRD has compiled the most recent housing needs reports prepared by its member municipalities. 

Relationship to Regional Growth Strategies: A local government is required to consider its most recent housing needs report, and the housing information on which it is based, when

- Developing an official community plan or regional growth strategy
- Amending an official community plan in relation to housing statements, map designations or policies
- Amending a regional growth strategy in relation to proposed housing actions, and
- Considering every five years whether a regional growth strategy must be reviewed.

This will ensure that any updates to an official community plan or regional growth strategy are informed by the latest available housing needs information.​

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