Reporting & Monitoring

The Local Government Act (LGA) requires annual monitoring and reporting of regional growth strategies. Specifically, a regional district must a) establish a program to monitor its implementation and the progress made towards its objectives and actions, and b) prepare an annual report on that implementation and progress.

In May 2017 the SLRD Board resolved: THAT the Board revise the RGS monitoring program thereby directing: 1) staff to prepare annual reports on RGS implementation and progress, as required by s. 452 of the Local Government Act; and 2) staff to retain consultants to monitor RGS and ISP indicators only every 2-5 years to better reflect data availability

Annual Reports

Indicator Monitoring Reports

Monitoring is the process of collecting information, analyzing trends and gauging progress toward goals. As stated in the RGS Bylaw, monitoring has two purposes – to measure progress in RGS implementation and to measure substantive improvements in the core conditions or results that are targeted by the RGS.