Fitness Centre

Equipment in the weight room includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, spin/recumbent bikes, stair climbers, rowing machines, loaded weight training equipment, free weights, BOSU balls, balance boards, stability balls and medicine balls.

Fitness Centre Schedule

Summer 2019 Fitness Schedule

Participate in recreation and stay active and engaged.  Drop in rates are available.  Enjoy savings by purchasing 1-month to 1-year passes if you plan to participate regularly. 

Fitness Centre Admissions and Passes

10x Pass$47.75$38.25
1 Month$53.50$42.75
3 Month$130.75$104.75
6 Month$238.25$190.50
1 Year$416.50$333.25


Youth on Weights 

Youth on Weights is a mandatory 3-hour (2 x 1.5 hour sessions) fitness orientation necessary for individuals 13-15 years of age wanting to utilize the fitness centre or attend fitness classes at the Pemberton and District Community Centre. The orientation must be facilitated by a certified personal trainer and should occur at the Pemberton and District Community Centre.

1. Contact personal trainer and schedule orientation sessions
  a. Michelle Nelson: Phone 604-698-1971 or Email
  b. Anngela Leggett: Phone 604-388-7701 or Email
  c. Lara Parnell: Phone 604-698-6657 or Email

2. Attend orientation sessions and complete Youth on Weights checklist and exam

3. Ensure instructor signs off on completion of Youth on Weights with the Pemberton and District Community Centre                                                            

Registrants must pay the drop-in fee of $5 plus GST for each session. Registrants must also negotiate with instructors a fee for service for the facilitation of orientation.