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Pemberton & Area C Sub-regional Land Use Planning Study

The purpose of this sub-regional planning study for the Village of Pemberton, SLRD Electoral Area C and the Lil'wat Nation is to inform overall policy direction within the SLRD Regional Growth Strategy for managing long-term urban growth in the Pemberton - Mount Currie area and to address other areas of interest in Area C. The intended outcome is a coordinated land use planning framework among local governments and First Nations based on mutual trust, respect, understanding and recognition of interests and values, including the mutual benefits of comprehensive land use planning.

Agriculture Water Demand Model - Electoral Area B

The Agriculture Water Demand Model was developed to provide current and future agricultural water demand data. It calculates water use on a property-by-property basis and sums each property to obtain a total water demand for the entire basin or each sub-basin. The Model is based on a Geographic Information System (GIS) database that contains information on crop, irrigation system type, soil texture and climate. 


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