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Furry Creek Broken Watermain

UPDATE: 2:30 pm Tuesday September 5, 2017

The watermain has now been repaired and water service has been restored. We reccommend flushing the water before using.

The damaged road surface will be repaired over the next few days. We will update when we know more details.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ed Witwicki, SLRD Senior Engineering Technologist at (604) 698 6041 

UPDATE: 3:45 pm Monday, September 4, 2017

Bralorne Water System Flushing

Public Notice Bralorne Water System

Flushing of water system – in response to pump failure earlier this week

Wednesday, June 7th 2017 - BETWEEN 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM

The failure of the water pump caused the reservoir and the distribution pipes to empty.  The refilling of the pipes caused loosening of the hard water scaling on the interior of the pipes as well as stirring up any sediment that was inside the pipes.  To bring the water quality back up to par, staff will be flushing the water system this afternoon and early evening.

UPDATED Britannia Beach, Furry Creek, D'Arcy, Devine, Bralorne and Gold Bridge Water Systems

Please be advised that the SLRD would like all residents of the local Water System to exercise good water conservation practices.  The water restrictions currently in place will be EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 1, 2017. These practices are imperative to preserve the water supply by reducing high water demands during the summer months. Please respect this water conservation notice and adhere to the permitted times for sprinkling and irrigation.

Please limit your use of water for sprinkling and irrigation to the following times:

Bralorne Water System Electrical Failure

UPDATE - 9:41 pm Monday, June 5, 2017

With the help of the electrician from the Mine, power has been temporarily restored to the water pump in Bralorne and the system is back online.  The distribution pipes should now be full and residents should have full water pressure.  The reservoir is filling again, but this is a slow process; the SLRD respectfully asks that residents conserve their water use for the next 24 hours to ensure the reservoir fills as quickly as possible - this is imperative in case of a fire.

Pemberton North Water System - Water Conditioning Project Update

The Village of Pemberton recently advised that it plans to begin implementation of its water conditioning project during the week of May 8 - 12, 2017.

The objective of the project is to adjust the pH and alkalinity to make the water less corrosive, while meeting the Aesthetic Objectives of the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines (aesthetic objectives relate to factors that may impact the taste, smell or colour of water but do not cause adverse health effects.)

Britannia Beach Waste Water Plant gets new odour control filter

Last week (April 3 - 8, 2017), the SLRD replaced the biofilter for the Britannia Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A biofilter controls odour from the foul air streams caused by the wastewater plant.

All the old composted bark screenings were replaced with fresh bark mulch.

Annual maintenance and weekly inspections will prolong the life of the biofilter, and ensure that only fresh air comes from the wastewater treatment plant from now on.

Thanks to Kalen Heidenreich of Adler Construction, the contractor on this project.

Water Conditioning Project for Pemberton and Pemberton North is 90% complete

The Village of Pemberton has shared the following update about the Water Conditioning Project. This will affect the water supply that services Village of Pemberton properties, as well as residents of Pemberton North who are serviced by the Pemberton North Water System. 

(The SLRD purchases water from the Village of Pemberton for the Pemberton North Water System. Approximately 160 connections in Area C are served by the Pemberton North Water System. See the map below.)


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