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Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) bylaws are in place to develop and maintain a safe and livable environment for all residents of the SLRD. The goal of SLRD Bylaw Enforcement is not to penalize residents, but to achieve compliance with SLRD bylaws through education and the provision of information. However, it is recognized that in some cases, compliance may require that penalties be issued.

Not all bylaws are in effect throughout all areas of the Regional District; some apply only in specified areas. Please refer to the Regulatory Bylaws in the SLRD Bylaw Directory for more information. View the SLRD's Bylaw Enforcement Policy here.

Bylaw Dispute Adjudication System / Bylaw Notice Enforcement

The SLRD has recently adopted Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 1447-2016 that establishes a ticketing system for the Regional District. This means that the SLRD can issue tickets (bylaw notices) for a variety of offences and bylaws as outlined in Bylaw No. 1447-2016. The bylaw includes the fines that are tied to different offences within each particular bylaw. Bylaw matters that are excluded from enforcement by bylaw notice are firearms and motor vehicle speed limits.

In 2003, the Provincial Government introduced the Local Government Bylaw Notice Enforcement Act and worked with the City of West Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver on a pilot project. The project was intended to provide an efficient, cost effective administrative process for dealing with local government bylaw infractions outside of the Provincial Court system. So, as part of this new system for the SLRD there is also an adjudication piece that replaces the Provincial Court in resolving disputed tickets. The adoption of the Bylaw Notice Dispute Adjudication system and the creation of a ticketing bylaw provides the necessary and valuable tools to aid such a position in establishing modern, timely, effective, and efficient bylaw enforcement services throughout the Electoral Areas of the Regional District. 

How to Register a Complaint

Complaints must be submitted in writing using the SLRD Bylaw Enforcement Witness Report Form. You must provide your name, address and contact information (phone, e-mail and/or mailing address), and your relationship to the property or individual about which you are registering the complaint.  The form can be printed and completed manually, or it can be completed electronically (NOTE: The form must be downloaded and saved to your computer prior to completing it, or your changes will not be saved.) Completed forms can be submitted by email, in person, or by regular mail. For more information, please see our Guide to the Bylaw Enforcement Process.

Depending on the nature and location of the issues, complainants should also consider submitting complaints to the relevant Provincial compliance and enforcement bodies noted below.

Considerations When Initiating a Complaint:

Complainant information is considered confidential and will not be released except under an order from the Provincial Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Commissioner.

After a complaint has been registered, SLRD staff will conduct an initial investigation to determine the appropriate course of action. Complaints are often resolved amicably between neighbours. SLRD staff will, at times, recommend that residents attempt to resolve issues on their own.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of SLRD staff to ensure compliance with Regional District bylaws, and they may use a number of tools, including education, warnings, penalties, compliance agreements and direct enforcement (Regional District staff or contractors remove or resolve the non-compliance at the property owner’s cost), or the seeking of court orders or injunctions.

Bylaw Enforcement Forms

Regulatory Bylaws

Special Event Permit Bylaws 

Noise Bylaws

Shooting Bylaws

Sign Bylaws

Unsightly Premises Bylaw

Soil Deposit and Removal Bylaw

* Please note there are many bylaws, including all zoning bylaws, which contain regulatory provisions.

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