Emergency Contacts

Emergency Management

Local emergency programs, like the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Emergency Program, and its counterparts in Lillooet, Whistler, Pemberton, and Squamish, are there to look after people during events that are outside of the day-to-day. Local emergency programs support first responders, and respond to large-scale events like floods, interface fires, and earthquakes – all with a view to helping the community as a whole cope with impacts and recover quickly.

Police, fire, and ambulance are responsible for immediate life safety issues. Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency.

SLRD Emergency Program

Ryan Wainwright
SLRD Emergency Program Manager
Telephone: (604) 698-6442
Email: rwainwright@slrd.bc.ca

Sarah Morgan
Emergency Management Analyst
Telephone: (604) 815-7011
Email: smorgan@slrd.bc.ca

After-hours Emergency Contact: 1-800-298-7753 (ask for the “SLRD Emergency Program Manager”)

Lillooet Emergency Program

Emergency Program Coordinator
Telephone: (250) 256-4289
Fax: (250) 256-4288

Pam Vilac
Emergency Social Services Director
Telephone: (250) 256-7811 or (250) 256-3750

Pemberton Emergency Program

Sarah Toews
Emergency Program Coordinator
Office: (604) 894-6111
Email: stoews@pemberton.ca 

Whistler Emergency Program

Erin Marriner
RMOW Emergency Program Coordinator
Telephone: (604) 935-8473
Email: emarriner@whistler.ca

Emergency Social Services
Telephone: (604) 966-4845
Email: ess@whistler.ca

Squamish Emergency Program

Megan Latimer
DOS Emergency Program Coordinator
Telephone: (604) 815-5060
Email: mlatimer@squamish.ca


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