Pemberton & District Initiative Fund (PDIF)


To provide funds to assist local, not-for-profit organizations offering either arts, recreation and culture, or economic development programs, projects, initiatives or special events which benefit residents of the Village of Pemberton (Village) and Electoral Area C of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD).


Key Dates 2022-2023

Applications Due for 2023 PDIF Funding Requests*

Applications for the annual intake (long-term, seed funding and one-time agreements) must be received by the SLRD by October 15, 2022 at 4:00 pm.

One-Time Funding Requests

Applications for one-time funding requests may be submitted any time. Must be submitted at least 45-days in advance of the program, activity or event subject to the application, or as far in advance as possible. Consideration of application is subject to availability of funds.

Deadline for Progress/Final Reports (submitted electronically)

Received by SLRD by November 15, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Deadline for Report Presentations to be submitted for inclusion on the agenda

November 22, 2022

Progress/Final Report Presentations to Pemberton Valley Utilities and Services (PVUS) Committee

December 2022 – February 2023 dates to be confirmed

2023 Funding Request Presentations to PVUS

December 1, 2022 PVUS Committee Meeting

Approval for Continuation of Funding and Funding for New Applications from PVUS/Village/SLRD

December 2022 – February 2023 dates to be confirmed

Funds Disbursement

Expected in August each year, no later than August 30 each year.

















Fund Overview

The PDIF was established in 2020 and replaces funding disbursements and grants formerly offered through the SLRD's Pemberton and District Community Fund (PDCF), jointly funded by SLRD Electoral Area C and the Village, and the Village's Community Initiative and Opportunities Fund (CIOF). Additionally, the PDIF has been established to fulfill and replace many of the funding disbursements that have previously been made through SLRD Electoral Area C Select Funds.

The Pemberton Valley Utilities and Services Committee (PVUS), a Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) committee comprised of elected and appointed officials of the SLRD and the Village of Pemberton (Village), administers the Pemberton and District Initiative Fund (PDIF). The PVUS Committee annually disburses PDIF funds to support both community recreation, social and cultural activities and community economic development activities throughout Pemberton and SLRD Electoral Area C. 

Funding applications will be approved by the SLRD Board of Directors and Village of Pemberton Council based on recommendations from PVUS.  

Funds for PDIF are generated by taxation, and identified in the SLRD Financial Plan each year. The total amount allocated to PDIF is set by bylaw. The amount available each year for new applications will vary, depending on the requisition limits, the budget (established annually by the SLRD Board), and how much of the annual funds have already been committed.

Grant Policy No. 16-2020 provides an overview of how the fund is administered, the funding allocation and budgeting process, and details of eligibility and requirements for applicants and recipients.


What Type of Funding is Available?

The PDIF Program is comprised of two separate funding streams – Economic Development and Arts Culture and Recreation. Funding applicants must determine which funding stream their application falls under based on the purpose of their organization and its programming:

Economic Development Stream Arts, Culture & Recreation Stream

2022 Requisition: $65, 453.00 


2022 Requisition: $98, 076.00


Community economic development
and/or diversification

Cultural development and/or opportunities

Creation of potential long-term employment

Advancement of sports and recreation programming for all age-groups

Business development and/or

Advancement of arts, music and
craftsmanship programming for all age-groups

Promotion of the Village and SLRD Electoral Area C / District








*The amount available for new applications will vary, depending on how much of the annual funding pool has been committed to recipients.

Under each stream, applicants may apply for one of three types of funding:

  1. Long-term Agreement Funding (funded organizations enter into long term funding agreements, up to five years in length, with consistent annual funding amounts);
  2. Seed Funding (funded organizations enter into shorter-term funding agreements, and annual funding is reduced each year to encourage financial sustainability. Preference will be given to seed funding applications);
  3. One-time Funding (funded organizations receive a one-time funding disbursement).

Pemberton and District Initiative Fund Policy No. 16-2020 contains guidelines for applicants to help them understand which area and funding stream will be best suited to their application.


Who can apply?

All organizations who receive this funding must be not-for-profit organizations, community groups, entities or societies based within the Pemberton and District regional area (i.e. residents of the Village and SLRD Electoral Area C) that are considered by PVUS to be contributing to the general interest, benefit and well-being of its residents. Applications from commercial/ for profit ventures will not be considered.

See Pemberton and District Initiative Fund Policy No. 16-2020 for more information on eligibility requirements.


Requirements for Applicants & Recipients

1.    Read Pemberton and District Initiative Fund Policy No. 16-2020. The policy contains guidelines for applicants, including information on funding streams and funding types, eligible projects and expenditures, maximum recommended requests, what to include in the application and details of how to apply.

Please note there is a requirement for successful applicants to provide evidence of suitable insurance coverage before funds are disbursed. Applicants may contact SLRD staff with questions or request for details ahead of applying.

2.    Fill out the application form and submit to the SLRD (more information below).

For applicants requesting grants equal to or in excess of $1,500, the applicant must explain how the grant will be used to leverage and create additional financial value (i.e. funding from other governments, funding from other sources, corporate sponsorships, matching funds of the applicant, in-kind contributions from sources other than the applicant, etc.). The applicant must also be available to attend the PVUS meeting at which the request is being considered.

3.    Successful applicants are required to report back to the SLRD / PVUS on their project as follows: 

  • One-time applicants: a final report within 90 days of completion of the activity/ event/ program. 
  • Long-term/seed funding applicants: A written progress or final report due once a year. Recipients will be invited to present at the December PVUS Committee meeting).

Reports are to be completed on the PDIF Reporting Form and include:

  • An outline of the impact the grant had on the organization and community, including the primary accomplishments of the project/event; and,
  • A financial summary of the activity/ event/ program; specifically, how the grant funding and other funds were used compared to the proposed budget submitted with the application.

Download PDIF Reporting Form


How to Apply?

Option 1: Applicants can complete the online application form:

Online PDIF Grant Application Form

Option 2: Applicants can also download a PDF copy of the application form:

PDF PDIF Grant Application Form 

And submit the completed PDF form via your preferred method:

  1. Email:
  2. Mail: PO Box 219, Pemberton, BC VON 2LO
  3. Fax: 604-894-6526
  4. In-person: 1350 Aster Street, Pemberton, BC


Current Recipients (as of January 2022)

This list will be updated annually. Details of applications are published in PVUS Committee meeting agendas.

Economic Development Stream
Organization Funding Type & Term

Pemberton and District Chamber of Commerce

Long term funding: $27,500 per year for a 5-year term (2021 – 2025)

Tourism Pemberton

Long-Time funding: $20,000 per year for a 5-year term (2022 - 2026)



Arts Culture & Recreation Stream
Organization Funding Type & Term

Wellness Almanac (care of the Village of Pemberton)

Long term funding: $12,000 per year for a 3-year term (2021-2023)

Pemberton Canoe Association

Long term funding: $5,500 per year for a 3-year term (2021-2023)

Pemberton Farmers Market Association

Long term funding: $6,000 per year for a 3-year term (2021 - 2023)

Pemberton Arts and Culture Council

Long term funding: $8,000 per year for a 3- year term (2021-2023)

Pemberton Off Road Cycling Association

$12,000 per year for 1 year (2022)

Pemberton BMX Society

$5,500 per year for 1 year (2022)

Pemberton Fire Works display (care of the Village of Pemberton)

Long term funding: $5,000 per year for 5 years (2021 - 2025)

Spud Valley Nordic Association

One-Time funding: $2,000 per year for 1 year (2022)

Tourism Pemberton

One-Time funding: up to $4,500.00 per year for 1 year (2022) for Nairn Falls Snowclearing

Sea to Sky Community Services Society

$11, 424.60 for 1 year (2022)

Pemberton Animal Wellbeing Society

$15, 000.00 for 1 year (2022)





















For more information contact:

Phillipa Campbell
Project and Research Coordinator
Telephone: 604-894-6371  Ext. 234


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