Property Taxes

During the month of May, you will receive your property tax notice. If you are a rural property owner in the SLRD, your tax notice is sent to you from the Surveyor of Taxes in Victoria. In accordance with the Local Government Act, Regional Districts do not collect taxes directly from the taxpayer. Instead, taxes for Regional District purposes are collected by the Province and by the member municipalities (District of Lillooet, Village of Pemberton, Resort Municipality of Whistler, and District of Squamish). 


Questions about your Tax Notice?

Questions about your Property Assessment?

Assessment vs. Parcel Tax

How do local governments determine each person’s share of the tax burden? 

In the local government context, we must work within senior governments’ restrictions and legislation. It is important to note that the SLRD’s taxation is based on collecting tax dollars for a specific purpose with no general revenue fund to redistribute wealth. We are authorized to use the following four taxation regimes:

  1. User fees
  2. Parcel taxes
  3. Taxes based on the assessed value of land and improvements.
  4. A combination of these items.

To determine which method of taxation the SLRD should use, the Board needs to take into consideration whether the political body wants to use direct methods, wealth redistribution methods, or a combination of these tax methods.

More information regarding Property Taxes can be found on the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue website. 

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Rural Property Tax Online Calculator 

Enter the assessed value, property class, and jurisdiction your property is in (property within SLRD is either 729 – Lillooet Rural, or 748 – Squamish Rural) and press enter. Then click on the appropriate boxes for each service/classification that applies and press calculate. 

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