Dyking & Drainage

The SLRD inspects and maintains infrastructure to protect specific development areas from potential debris flows and stream overflow events. The SLRD also holds some crown land for future dyking infrastructure should development occur in that area.

SLRD maintained dyking and drainage protection infrastructure is constructed or planned in the following locations:

  • Seton Portage (Whitecap Development – debris flow berm)
  • Area C (Walkerville - debris flow and stream overflow berm)
  • Furry Creek (Foreshore and stream overflow and debris flow protection basins)
  • Britannia Beach (future development - Tunnel Dam debris flow containment structure, Britannia Creek overflow and debris flow protection areas)

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, and more specifically the Sea to Sky Corridor, is a highly geologically active area. Learn more about the potential hazards in the SLRD.

Pemberton Valley Dyking District

The Pemberton Valley is one of the largest dyke and flood protection areas in B.C. As such, maintaining, adapting and upgrading the flood protection systems plays a key role in ensuring that the valley remains safe, while at the same time, being sensitive to the natural environment.

The Pemberton Valley Dyking District (PVDD) is an autonomous local government body responsible for providing flood protection services to the Pemberton Valley. Formally considered to be an Improvement District, the PVDD finances their operations through taxes and / or tolls collected directly from landowners.