Burn Permits for Howe Sound

Property owners in Howe Sound East, Area D (Britannia Beach, Furry Creek, Porteau) must register certain open burns with the SLRD prior to ignition.

Download the registration form here.

Do you need to register your burn with the SLRD?

If you are:

  • initiating a burn on a property in Britannia Beach, Furry Creek or Porteau,
  • that contains land clearing debris, (stumps, root mats, branches, brush, logs, vegetation),
  • that has been
    • stacked by heavy machinery OR
    • is larger than 2m x 3m OR
    • involves three or more piles OR
    • one or more windrows

then you MUST register your burn in advance with the SLRD.

Under the Howe Sound East Land Clearing Debris Pollution Management Bylaw No. 1352-2014, which came into effect 27 October 2014, to protect the air quality of Howe Sound East, an open burning of land clearing debris where the debris pile has been stacked by heavy equipment, or is larger than 2 metres high and 3 metres wide, or involves three or more piles (of less than 2m x 3m in size), is ONLY permitted where:

  1. the property owner uses an air curtain burner,
  2. has registered it with the SLRD before commencing burning, and
  3. the burn is supervised at all times by someone with an operator certification.

Failure to comply may result in a $450 service fee to the property owner and fines of up to $2000 and imprisonment up to 6 months

Complaints or concerns? Call SLRD Bylaw Enforcement 1800 298 7753

Before You Burn Checklist

  • I am aware of the provisions regulating the open burning of Land Clearing Debris as described in the Howe Sound East Land Clearing Debris Pollution Management Bylaw No 1352-2014.
  • I have filed an SLRD Open Burn Registration form, and received an SLRD Burn Registration Number
  • I am aware of the provincial requirements related to open burning as described by the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation, including the requirement to check the ventilation index before ignition.
  • I am planning to burn a Regulated Quantity or Machine-piled quantity of Land Clearing Debris (equivalent to a Category 3 fire) and have obtained a burn registration number from the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO)
  • I have checked for any restrictions on open burning, or the need to acquire a permit with my local fire department, the Britannia Beach Volunteer Fire Department (BBVFD) at 604 892 4247
  • I will notify SLRD Administrative Services (604 894 6371) and the BBVFD commencing burn.
  • I enclose my payment of $100.00 for my SLRD Burn Registration Number service fee

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