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Public transit is an important element of the regional transportation network, and improving transportation linkages and options is noted as a key goal of the SLRD’s Regional Growth Strategy. With this, the transportation strategy in the SLRD’s Integrated Sustainability Plan establishes public transit as a preferred mode of transportation.

Public transit connects communities and increases mobility for people of all ages, helping to build a strong economy and contributing to the overall health and sustainability of our regional communities and ecosystems. Public transit conserves energy, relieves traffic congestion, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, enhances community resilience and improves air quality.  

There are three public transit systems in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, all operated by BC Transit:

Regional Transit Planning and Infrastructure

In 2008, the SLRD Board adopted Bylaw 1069 – 2007, which provides funding for regional transit planning and capital infrastructure.

The Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan


Over the past two years, BC Transit, in collaboration with local government partners, citizens and stakeholders, completed a long-term transit strategy: the Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan. This long-term transit strategy analyzes the existing system and envisions what the region’s transit network should look like 25 years from now including a description of the priorities, infrastructure and investment needed to get there.  The Transit Future Plan also outlines procedures for plan implementation. 

The Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan encompasses the Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton Valley local transit systems.  It also includes among the region’s strategic priorities strategies to introduce interregional transit services.

As part of the Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan, there were two key regional recommendations for completion by 2020. They include:

  1. Undertake a Sea to Sky Corridor Transit Study. This comprehensive study will include the entire corridor (Metro Vancouver to the Pemberton Valley), and will consider the expansion of Regional and Interregional transit service in detail (this was completed in October 2017); 
  2. Explore the Development of a Sea to Sky Transit Regional Governance Structure. Explore options for a more integrated regional governance structure for transit in the Sea to Sky area. The study would look at the benefits and risks with the goal of streamlining the implementation of Regional and Interregional transit, and enabling more comprehensive system management and performance monitoring (this is ongoing).

Sea to Sky Corridor Transit Study

UPDATE, November 2017: The final draft of this study is complete. You can download the final draft report below.

Sea to Sky Corridor Transit Study - Final Draft

This study is the culmination of research and inquiry from the past two years, with the objective of establishing a short-medium term transit strategy for the Sea to Sky corridor.  

The strategy envisions what the corridor's transit network and capacities should look like in 25 years time and outlines how we can get there.

The Province of British Columbia and the Sea to Sky local government partners will now establish a committee of senior officials to review and develop a governance and funding model; implementation work will follow. 


Building on the Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan which was completed in early 2016, BC Transit, in collaboration with local partners in the Sea to Sky area, has undertaken a detailed analysis of proposed new or expanded transit service connecting communities on the Sea to Sky Corridor. The aims of this service are to connect Metro Vancouver with Squamish, which will be connected with Whistler, and to improve service between Whistler and Pemberton.

The study is focussed on determining potential ridership, service levels, routes and fares for regional and interregional services.  Supporting infrastructure and governance changes are also being explored.

BC Transit, in partnership with the SLRD and other local governments in the region, conducted two surveys to learn more about travel patterns and needs in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the surveys - more than 2,000 people! 

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