Pemberton Valley Transit Information

Local and commuter transit service offer important benefits to residents of the Pemberton Valley, and improving public transit options is a key priority for all area local governments. The Village of Pemberton is the local government partner responsible for the administration of the Pemberton Valley Transit System (PVTS).

The Village of Pemberton administers the PVTS with BC Transit, on behalf of the SLRD, Electoral Area C and the Lil’wat Nation. Funding for the system is cost-shared between the SLRD, the Village of Pemberton, the Lil'wat Nation and BC Transit. All revenue collected from the service goes directly to the local government partners to offset their share of the total costs, with the net costs being shared amongst the local government partners.

Pemberton Valley routes and fares:

Transit tickets and passes can be purchased at the following vendors:     


Village of Pemberton
7400 Prospect Street, Pemberton

Pemberton & District Community Centre
7390 Cottonwood Drive, Pemberton

Lil’Wat Gas
391 IR10 Road, Mount Currie

Tsipun Store
11098 Blackbear Road, Xit’olacw


Resort Municipality of Whistler Office
4325 Blackcomb Way, Whistler

Note: If you purchase a monthly bus pass, you are eligible for a tax credit.

Pemberton Transit Fact Sheet

Supportive Transit Policies

Public transit is a key need for all of the corridor communities, and there is impetus and direction under the Winds of Change policy to encourage ways to improve public transit options for Lil’Wat and Pemberton area residents. It is also firmly supported in the SLRD’s Regional Growth Strategy and Integrated Sustainability Plan, the regional Air Quality Management Plan, and the draft 2010 Pemberton OCP Update. This latter document notes that over 78% of community GHG emissions are attributable to on-road transportation and accordingly, reduction targets include a 20% reduction in out of town single occupancy vehicle commuters and a 20% increase in transit ridership.