Master Plan

In 2005 the SLRD Sea to Sky Trail Committee issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to develop a Master Plan. One proposal stood out for its vision and passion for the project: Cascade Environmental Resources Group. For the next year and a half Cascade worked with the Committee to develop the Master Plan, which was presented to the SLRD Board in 2006 and then distributed to various stakeholder groups for technical review.

Since then, Cascade has contributed thousands of dollars of additional pro bono work to assist the Trail. Dave Williamson and his team have earned the lasting respect and gratitude of everyone involved in delivering the Sea to Sky Trail project.

Master Plan Document

Master Plan Maps: Squamish-Whistler

Master Plan maps: Whistler-D’Arcy


In the Master Plan format Phase 1 of the Sea to Sky Trail was divided into 17 sections referred to as Character Areas. Trail routes were identified in four categories; Preferred Existing, Preferred Proposed, Alternate Existing and Alternate Proposed. As the project develops a fifth category is assigned: Confirmed.

The route from Squamish to Whistler Village is Confirmed and maps are available through the Ready to Ride section of this website.

From Whistler to the north Character Areas 8 through 17 will evolve as community engagement and feasibility on the ground dictate. These maps are available for review as below.

Character Areas 8 to 17 - highlights

Character Areas 8 to 17 - ortho maps

For more information on planning and trail development, please contact:

Allison Macdonald
SLRD Parks and Trails Coordinator
Phone: (604) 894-6371 ext. 243