Ready to Ride Guide

The Sea to Sky Trail, though not yet entirely complete, has several large sections ready to ride, run, hike, ski and snowshoe. This ambitious project will take years to complete, but the sections that are finished offer outdoor enthusiasts the chance to spend a few hours or the whole day exploring. 

The remaining unfinished portion of the Sea to Sky Trail currently exists in an unimproved (and often un-signed) condition for the time being. While most of the 180 km route exists away from traffic, where no trail yet exists the default route is along the highway or local roads.

Check out the following Ready to Ride sections to plan your adventure!

Ready to Ride - Directions:

*North of Whistler, the trail is unimproved with significant gaps. Please check the status of the sections below to see what has been done and is Ready to Ride.

Download the GPS coordinates for the Squamish - Whistler Sea to Sky Trail.

Travel Safely

The Ready to Ride Guide assumes summer travel under normal conditions. Please note the following important points before venturing out on the trail:

  • Snow or extremely heavy rain can have an obvious impact. Make yourself aware of current conditions.
  • Along the entire trail, and especially when travelling considerable distances between communities, be respectful of the sometimes rugged terrain and the isolated nature of parts of the trail.
  • Be prepared for an emergency. Carry the appropriate tools/equipment for field repairs. Bring enough water & food for your day. Wear and bring the appropriate clothing for the changing conditions. Ensure first aid supplies are on hand.
  • Be aware that cell phones work fine throughout the majority of the region but certain "dead zones" do exist.
  • When adventuring into the woods be sure to tell someone else where you are going and when to expect you back.
  • Ensure that you “pack out what you pack in,” as litter and food waste can attract dangerous wildlife and damage the landscape. 
  • When riding the sections of trail along Highway 99 and local roads, please ensure that you pay attention to traffic, ride single file, and obey the rules of the road for your safety and the safety of others.