Brandywine Falls - Squamish (approx. 50 km / 31 miles)

Brandywine Falls to Squamish
Anatomy of the Trail

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NOTE - There are TWO gaps in the trail between Brandywine Falls and Paradise Valley.

South of the Brandywine Falls parking lot there is a gap in the Sea to Sky Trail. Until the resources can be found to create a safe crossing in the vicinity of the parking lot, the next section follows the highway.

Brandywine to Pinecrest:

  • From the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park entrance follow the highway south for 3 1/2 km (just over 2 miles). Cross the highway when safe to do so.
  • Exit the highway at the entrance to Pinecrest & Black Tusk. Follow this road south to the end, at the entrance to Pinecrest.

Pinecrest to Chance Creek Bridge:

  • Immediately at the entrance to Pinecrest, on your left, is the start of a trail south. Follow this part of the trail under the Hydro lines for almost a kilometre (just over 1/2 mile). At a fork in the trail, both choices work. The right fork is shorter, but more technical. Both are pretty rough right now. At the "T" intersection turn right (west), go over the railway tracks and follow the trail over the pedestrian bridge across Roe Creek.
  • After crossing Roe Creek bear right and follow the road past Shadow Lake and the BC Hydro Shadow Lake Intake Tower. After the intake tower the road will bear left. At the fork take the trail on the right and at the "T" turn right. Follow the trail under the Hydro lines, once again for almost a kilometre (just over 1/2 mile) and carry on where the road bears right (west) away from the lines.
  • After passing a fair sized pond on your left (east of the trail) take the left route at the fork. If you get to Lucille Lake you've missed this fork. Back up and try again. Follow this route downhill to the parking area by the Chance Creek Bridge. Cross the Chance Creek Bridge over the Cheakamus River and on to the highway.

NOTE - this is the second gap in the Sea to Sky Trail between Squamish and Whistler. Over time, as resources allow, trail will be built between the highway and the Cheakamus River.

Highway 99 through the Cheakamus Canyon:

  • From the Chance Creek Bridge intersection, follow the highway south for 4.6 km (3 miles), past three viewpoint parking areas on the west side of the highway.
  • 600 meters (650 yards) south of the third viewpoint area (the one with picnic tables) the trail resumes, dropping off the west side of the highway to descend to Paradise Valley.

Highway 99 to Paradise Valley:

  • For the next 4 1/2 km (2 3/4 miles) the route is very well defined but sometimes rough and somewhat steep. This historic route goes back to the 1910s, created to build the railway. It is a spectacular journey but needs to be approached with respect. Improvements to this section are the current highest priority in our project.
  • After about 2 km (1 1/4 miles), 200 meters or so after the temporary bridging adjacent (and above) the railway, there is one fork in the trail. The older route to the right is washed out so bear left and climb over the short hill to the descent to Starvation Lake.
  • Follow the trail to the west of Starvation Lake, down the hill, over the railway line and on down to the Cheakamus River.
  • From this point follow the road beside the Cheakamus River south for about 11 km (7 miles) as it transitions from rough dirt road to gravel road to paved road and from the Upper Cheakamus Road to the Paradise Valley Road.

Through Squamish to Kilometer 0:

  • At the Paradise Valley Road / Squamish Valley Road intersection turn left and cross the river. Continue along the Squamish Valley Road until the intersection with Government Road. At this intersection pick up the Ray Peters Trail section, visible on the south west corner of the intersection.
  • Follow the Ray Peters Trail section adjacent to the Squamish Valley Road towards the highway, then south, parallel to the highway, to Depot Road.
  • At Depot Road there is a short highway section to Mamquam Road, where the Corridor Trail section can be found on the east side of the highway. This section will soon be a trail route as Squamish continues to develop the Corridor Trail.
  • Follow the Corridor Trail, past Brennan Park Recreation Centre and on to the Squamish Adventure Centre. At the Adventure Centre cross Loggers Lane to pick up the trail again in Rose Park.
  • Follow this trail under the highway to Pemberton Avenue then left on Loggers Lane and on to Nexen Beach; Kilometer 0 of the Sea to Sky Trail.
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