Pemberton - Whistler (approx 32 km / 20 miles)

Pemberton to Whisttler
Anatomy of the Trail

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We are beginning to make the connection between Whistler Village and Pemberton. North of Whistler Village the route is being planned along the east side of Green Lake, scheduled for construction in 2011. Wedge Woods, just north of Whistler, has completed the Sea to Sky Trail through their new subdivision.

Within the Pemberton, the trail is complete between One Mile Lake and Portage Road. Construction will begin this year on a connection between Nairn Falls and One Mile Lake.

Until more construction is complete, and until the sections on the ground are linked, it is essentially a road ride between these two communities. From Whistler to Pemberton is a very nice road ride, on a not-too-busy section of Highway 99, with a net vertical drop of over 300 meters (1,000 feet). Riding the other way; well, you climb.

This page will be updated as progress is made. For a better understanding of the options check the Mapping section of the Master Plan page.

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