Furry Creek

Curbside Collection Program

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District provides curbside collection services to the communities of Furry Creek and Britannia Beach through Carney’s Waste Systems. Garbage and recycling collection alternates weekly. Be Bear Smart with these simple tips to manage waste in bear country

More information on accepted recycling materials, schedules and totes can be found at:

Note that PLASTIC BAGS & OVERWRAP can NO longer go in your Recycling Tote.

For a detailed list of what goes where download the District of Squamish Recycling Chart

(Note: curbside organics collection coming soon to Furry Creek and Britannia Beach)

Request a Tote

The standard size of the recycling and garbage totes is 65 gallons  Larger totes are available by contacting Carney’s Waste Systems at 604-892-5604 or admin@carneyswaste.com

Upgrades to larger recycling totes (95 gallons) is paid for by the service; however, upgrades to larger garbage totes will be billed directly by Carneys to the customer. Smaller totes (35 gallons) are also available to customers with limited storage space or those with minimal garbage and/or recycling collection requirements.

Request a Tote Repair or Replacement

To request that a damaged or broken tote be repaired or replaced please contact Carney’s Waste Systems at 604-892-5604.

Carney’s Waste Systems will repair or replace a damaged tote at their cost during the tote’s next service date. Next day repair or replacement is available at a cost of $65 to the homeowner. 


Manage your waste to eliminate bear attractants.

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District is located in prime bear habitat. To keep both bears and people safe, we need to ensure that bears and other wildlife can move through the communities in the SLRD without being attracted to non-natural food sources.

Bears have a very keen sense of smell, reported to be 9 times as strong as the sense of smell of dogs. That is why it is critical to properly manage your waste as garbage is a major bear attractant (as are fruit trees, bird feeders, barbeques and improperly managed compost piles).

Once a bear gets into garbage, it will keep coming back. Habituated bears are a threat to public safety. 

Did you know that on average, over 900 black bears across B.C. are killed each year as a result of human bear conflict? 

Garbage is the number one attractant and accounts for over 55% of bear conflict calls in B.C. Don't let a bear get into your garbage and be the reason it gets destroyed.

7 Simple Tips to Manage Garbage in Bear Country

  1. Store garbage in a bear-resistant tote and keep it in a secure building.

  2. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT put your totes out until the morning of collection day. Equally as important is to be sure you remove your garbage tote from curb and store it inside a secured building until your next collection day.

  3. Ensure totes are tightly closed and locked.

  4. Wash all recycling items before putting them into the tote.

  5. Regularly wash garbage and recycling totes.

  6. Double bag smelly garbage or add ¼ cup of baking soda and a ¼ cup of borax to the garbage tote to absorb odours.

  7. Do not leave garbage in the back of a truck – even if it has a canopy.  

ALWAYS report bear sightings in residential areas by calling the BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) at 1-877-952-7277.