Squamish & Whistler Facilities


Garbage and waste diversion in Squamish is overseen by the District of Squamish and managed by GFL. The District of Squamish owns the Squamish Landfill, which is managed by Carney's. There is also a Recycling Centre in Squamish. 

Click here for a helpful What Goes Where in Squamish Recycling Guide



The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) provides garbage, composting and recycling services to the community of Whistler. The RMOW owns a transfer station and a commercial compost facility, both of which are managed by GFL. 

There are two garbage, composting and recycling depots located in Whistler: one at Nesters (8010 Nesters Road) and one in Function Junction (1001 Lynham Road).

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