Before you choose to send an item to the landfill, have a look at these opportunities to recycle materials locally. 

In British Columbia, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) (formerly referred to as Industry Product Stewardship) is an environmental policy approach in which the producer's responsibility for reducing environmental impact and managing the product is extended across the whole lifecycle of the product, from selection of materials and design to its end-of-life. ( Definition by the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy).

To verify that an item is accepted at your local depot, please visit the EPR's website.

The following information is detailed below:

Recycle BC 

Residential Paper & Packaging, including:

Materials accepted in curbside collection and at depots are different. A depot will accept more recycling streams than what is accepted in curbside collection. Some packaging items like plastic bags damage equipment or commingle with other materials reducing the quality of the end product. With a higher end product more local end markets can be created and sustained.

Put rinse, remove lids & flatten. 

Curbside Collection 

For more information on the material accepted in your curbside bin.



Select communities have access to a Glass Depot.

Take deposit beverage containers to a RETURN-IT depot for refund or place in an adjacent donation bin.


Multi-Family/ Strata 

Your strata can play a role in reducing waste and preserving resources.
Does your waste/diversion room need updated signage? 

The Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE) has put this great guide together, although not all the information may apply as it is geared towards Whistler Multi-Family buildings, much of the information is still relevant. The guide is a tool that Strata’s can use to navigate the implementation of organics in a Multi-Family accommodation property and why it benefits everyone.

Another great guide, this one is from Metro Vancouver: Food Scraps Recycling - How to Apartment guide for Property Managers and Stratas (


Return-it | Encorp Pacific (Canada)

Beverage containers. Some Return-it depots accept electronics, textile and large appliances in colaboration with other programs. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Product Care

Leftover paint, household hazardous waste, light bulbs and tubes, smoke and CO alarms. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Tire Stewardship BC

Tires. Visit website for drop-off location details.


BC Used Oil Management Association

Antifreeze, antifreeze containers, motor oil, oil filters and oil containers. Visit website for drop-off location details.


BC Brewers’ Recycled Container Collection Council (BRCCC)

Alcoholic beverage containers and related packaging. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Call 2 Recycle

Batteries and cellphones. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Electronic Products Recycling Association

Electronics. EPRA's electronics recycling program is delivered to citizens of BC by Encorp Pacific under the brand Return-It Electronics. Visit website for drop-off location details.



Small appliances and power tools. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Health Products Stewardship Association

Leftover or unwanted medications and used sharps. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada

Electric outdoor power equipment. Outdoor power equipment that relies on a fuel-powered engine is NOT included in the program. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Recycle My Cell

Mobile devices and accessories. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Major Appliance Recycling Rountable 

Large appliances. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Thermostat Recovery Program

Thermostats. Visit website for drop-off location details.


The TELUS Return and Recycle Program

Mobile devices and accessories. Visit website for drop-off location details.


Need to recycle a product? Find a depot near you.   

Use the RCBC Recyclepedia app to search for the nearest recycling locations near you.​