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Recycling Signage & Colour Scheme

Let's face it, life is busy. So let's make recycling quick and easy.

Having consistent waste management signage – at work,  school, or in a shared recycling room – helps people to quickly sort their recycling, reduces contamination and improves recycling rates.

That’s why we’re sharing resource materials to help you with your own waste reduction initiatives. Materials are free to download and use, and no copyright applies. The files are editable with Abode Creative Suite or similar software programs.

On this page you will find details and signage for the following:

Please use them, share them and let us know if anything is missing. 

Questions? Contact  

Inappropriate Material in Landfill Bin Sticker for Commercial Bins

Print as a sticker, or hand out to tenants and residents to remind users what materials do not belong in the garbage to landfill bin. 

Download as a .pdf or an editable .AI (Illustrator) file.  

Kitchen Compost Catcher Sticker

Many communities in the SLRD now offer food waste collection to residents either at the curb, at local depots or through contracted services. 

Print this file as a sticker or laminate and post it near the kitchen and office organics collection bin.  

Download as a .pdf or an editable .EPS or .AI file.

Backyard Composting Compost Catcher Sticker

Many residents in the SLRD particpate in backyard composting to generate compost for their gardens and reduce their landfill waste. When backyard composting, it is important to remember NOT to add oils, fats, diary products or wheat products (often have diary) as these items are more likely to attract rodents and bears. Learn more about have to safety backyard compost in bear country here.

Print this file as a sticker or laminate and post it near the kitchen organics collection bin. 

Download as a .pdf or an editable .EPS or .AI file.

Recommended Colour Scheme

More and more businesses and cities are using a similar colour scheme for waste management as shown below. Consider painting the walls in collection rooms or getting coloured collection bins to improve recycling.

The SLRD has also added the following colours to better help residents and visitors quickly sort their materials during depots visits.


Studies have shown that icons are quick and easy to identify. They remain clear even with photocopying, faxing, washing and fading.

Use these icons as they are, or edit them and create your own.

Download as a .PDF or an editable  .AI file.

Ready-Made Signs for Offices, Multi-family Homes & Events

Colour coordinated signs work great for townhouse, apartment and office recycling programs. Blank signs are also available, and work great for Zero Waste Stations for your next event. Print these off to help get recyclables and garbage in the right place. Included are signs for food scraps, mixed containers, glass, paper, etc. for use at home and at the office. 

Please contact the SLRD to request an editable .EPS verision of these Ready-Made Signs.

Signage with no text and icons only allows users to quickly see where to recycle items:

Square signs with no text fit well on round waste bins.
Vertical signs work well on tall, thin waste bins. 

Signage with text helps users understand what is accepted and what is not:

Vertical signs for garbage room walls and tall, thin waste bins.

Horizontal text for garbage room walls and round waste bins.

Please contact the SLRD to request an editable version (.AI or .EPS file) of the Ready-Made Signs.

Waste bin labels with icons 

Download the waste bin labels as .PDF or an editable .EPS file

Event Signage for Zero Waste Stations

Icons and even potential waste items from your event can be attached to this signage to showcase where specific items belong.

Horizontal, blank signage.

Download as .PDF or editable .EPS file.

Vertical, blank signage

Download as .PDF or editable .EPS file.

Do-It-Yourself Signage Icons

Ready made signs not working for you? Try using these icons to create custom signs to target specific, common items in your recycling and waste managment programs.

Food Scraps & Organics Icons

Use these icons to help users understand what is accepted in their food scraps and organics bins.
CLICK INDIVIDUAL ICONS TO ACCESS PRINTABLE PDF FILES. Each PDF file contains one image with the colour coded back ground and one image of the icon only.

Download all icons as an editable .EPS or .AI file.

Depot Only Icons

Use these icons to remind residents to take these items to a depot, recycling centre or return to retailer for recycling. ​CLICK INDIVIDUAL ICONS TO ACCESS PRINTABLE PDF FILES. Each PDF file contains one image with the colour coded back ground and one image of the icon only.

 Download as an editable .EPS file.

Stomp It!

Storing and transporting air quickly fills collection bins and is expensive. Remind residents to crush and nest recyclables where possible. Removing lids and keeping recyclables clean also ensures that materials will be recycled properly.

Download as an editable .EPS file.

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