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Repair Cafés

What is a Repair Café?

Repair Cafés are free meeting places and they’re all about repairing things - together. At the Repair Café you will find the expertise, tools and materials required to help you make many of the repairs you need. Volunteer specialists will be on hand to help and guide the repairs. You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or even lend a hand with someone else’s repair job. 

Check out the below video filmed at Pemberton and Area C's First Repair Café in the Fall of 2017

Picture from the Pemberton/ Area C Repair Café


Find upcoming Repair Cafés across the SLRD at the links below: 

Squamish: Squamish Climate Action Network, District of Squamish

Whistler: Whistler Aware

Pemberton: Announced here, follow us on Zero in on Waste SLRD to learn about upcoming waste reduction events like Repair Cafés in the SLRD

A Repair Café is not a place to drop off your items to be fixed and picked-up at a later time. We request that you stay on-site while your item is being repaired! 

The Repair Café concept was formulated in 2009 by Amsterdam-based Martine Postma and Peter van Vliet. Their idea was to set up low-key meeting places nationwide where neighbours could repair their broken items themselves supported by specialist in a relaxed atmosphere. Visit for more info.

Goals of the Repair Café

1. To bring back repair into local society in a modern way;

2. To maintain repair expertise and to spread this knowledge;

3. To promote social cohesion in the local community by connecting neighbours from very different backgrounds and with different motives through an inspiring and low-key event.

Repair Café Events

The Squamish- Lillooet Regional District and our member municipalities are proud to support Repair Cafés whenever possible. Check back here for upcoming events or follow us on Facebook at ZERO in on WASTE SLRD to never miss an event.

Why do we need Repair Cafés?

Repairing an item saves money, landfill space, saves resources and makes people appreciate their possessions more. Repairing is also fun and often very easy.

Western society revolves around consumption. We increasingly buy more things, throw away more than ever and use our items for shorter times. As soon as these items show the slightest defects, we throw them away and buy new. Repair Café teaches people to see their possessions in a new light. Repair Cafés help create a society where everyone can find a place, where repair expertise is cherished and passed on, and where valuable raw materials are used in a responsible way. - is a great website with over 10,000 repair guides for numerous electronics and other household items