Special Events

Special events are a way for the community to come together and celebrate. Special events include weddings, sporting competitions and races, concerts and festivals, cultural celebrations, parades, and even memorial services.

Special Event Permit Classes

  1. Farmland - Events in the ALR with up to 150 attendees
  2. Class I - Events with 200 - 499 attendees
  3. Class II - Events with 500 - 999 attendees
  4. Class III - Events with 1,000 or more attendees

A Class I, Class II, and Class III Special Event Permit is not meant to serve as de-facto commercial zoning. In addition to a Special Event Permit, appropriate zoning or a temporary use permit is required for a property owner to host commercial (for-profit) special events. Therefore, if a property is not zoned to allow for Commercial Public Assembly Uses or Events, a Temporary Use Permit or a Zoning Amendment will be required. For more information, visit the Development Application Forms & Guides page.

Private Events

Private family weddings, family reunions, etc., hosted on family property, are not considered commercial events; however, special events with 200 people or more will require a Special Event Permit.

Farmland Events

Farmland Special Events are subject to a number of conditions described in our guide for Special Events Permit for Gathering in the ALR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Events Permit Application