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The SLRD building department provides building inspection services to property owners in Electoral Areas A, B, C and D -  from Gold Bridge to Furry Creek, and from Pavilion Lake to the Upper Squamish Valley. In order to provide inspection coverage to the entire area, we maintain a schedule of inspections as follows:

Building Inspector's Schedule


SLRD Office


Electoral Area C (Rural Pemberton through to D'Arcy)


SLRD Office


Electoral Area D (Rural Whistler to Southern SLRD boundary)


Electoral Area A (Gold Bridge/Bralorne) / Area B (Lillooet & Area)

To book an inspection, please contact the Planning and Building Assistant at 1-800-298-7753 extension 241 at least two days in advance of the day the Building Inspector is in your area.

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Required Inspections:

It is the owner’s responsibility to call for the following required inspections:

  1. Footings/Foundation – After the forms for footings and foundations are complete, but prior to placing of any concrete therein.
  2. Dampproofing/Draintile – After removal of form-work from a concrete foundation and installation of perimeter drain tiles and dampproofing, but prior to back-filling against foundation.
  3. Underground Rough-in Plumbing – Before a building drain, sanitary or storm sewer is covered. If any part of the plumbing system is covered before it is inspected and approved, it shall be uncovered if the Building Inspector so directs, and when considered necessary, underground building drains, branches, storm drains, and sewers shall be re-tested after the completion of all back-filling and grading by heavy equipment.
  4. Pre-slab – After the 6 mil (UV rated) poly is placed over the compacted gravel base of the concrete slab but prior to any concrete being placed for the floor.
  5. Water test & Rough in Plumbing – After all supply and DWV (drain, waste & vent) piping is installed and ready to be tested with water and/or air, but prior to any covering up or concealment of any kind.
  6. Framing – After framing and sheathing of the building are complete, including fire-stopping, bracing, chimney, duct-work, plumbing, gas venting, wiring, but before any insulation, lath, or other interior or exterior finish is applied that conceals such work.
  7. Tub & Shower Installation and Testing
  8. Insulation/poly vapour barrier – After all insulation and 6 mil polyethylene (UV-rated) is installed, (including floor joist-end cavities, crawlspace foundation insulation and attic insulation), but prior to any interior finish or other concealment is applied.
  9. Solid Fuel Appliance/Fireplace/Chimney – When applicable, factory-built chimneys and fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances are roughed-in; or in the case of masonry fireplace or chimney construction, when the smoke shelf is complete and the first two (2) flue liners are in place.
  10. Final – After the building or portion thereof is complete and ready for occupancy, but before occupancy takes place of the whole or portion of the building. PRV Testing.

SLRD Board Policy adopted January 28, 2008 states that Section 57 Community Charter “Note against land title that building regulations contravened” will be registered against properties that have building permits expired without a completed Final Building Inspection.

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