Lillooet Agriculture and Food Society Formed to Strengthen Agricultural Sector in Lillooet Area

Jan 15, 2016
District of Lillooet, Electoral Area B

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) Area B, District of Lillooet & St’át’imc Agricultural Plan (Ag Plan) Working Group has created an independent non-profit society, the Lillooet Agriculture and Food Society (LAFS), to implement the Ag Plan and advance agricultural economic development in the Lillooet area.

“The hope is that this organization will act as a cohesive voice for local farmers and ranchers, as well as those linked into the food system at other levels including processors, cooperatives, and vendors of products grown out of this region's incredibly productive soils and surrounding landscape. We have so much to be proud of here - now it's just a matter of working more closely to strengthen our agricultural economy and support the talented people who are already working hard to maintain and grow the agricultural base for the Lillooet area." Sam Quinlan, SLRD Area B Agricultural Advisory (AAC) Committee Chair. 

There are openings for members, a part-time Executive Director and four Board members to join Tristan Banwell, Dylan Foss, and Mandi Rogers on the inaugural Board of Directors. 

“I hope people from around Area B, Lillooet and the northern St’át’imc communities feel inspired to get involved so they can play a direct role in revitalizing the agriculture sector in our region.” Mickey Macri, Director of SLRD Electoral Area B

Agricultural plans recognize agriculture as the highest and best use of agricultural land and focus on developing strategies to support a viable agriculture industry at the local level. The Area B, Lillooet & St'at'imc Agricultural Plan, developed through extensive year-long community dialogue, was adopted by the SLRD on October 1, 2014.

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