Area B OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 1528

Jul 17, 2018
Electoral Area B

There are housekeeping and structural changes proposed for the Electoral Area B Official Community Plan (OCP).  These changes are intended to align the bylaw in a similar fashion and allow easier updates and changes that do not result in renumbering large subsequent sections of an entire bylaw due to localized changes. 

Each electoral area is being updated with a new consistent version of the Riparian Protection Development Permit Area.  A new Comprehensive Development Permit Area (DPA) is proposed for Area B that is similar to what is in, or proposed for other electoral areas.  This new DPA has the architectural form and character provisions for multifamily, commercial, and industrial development, as well as adding protection of farming, ecological, and water/energy conservation provisions.  Any multifamily, commercial, or industrial development in Area B would then require a development permit.

Electoral Area B OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 1528 received 1st reading at the June 27, 2018 SLRD Board meeting.

Staff Reports

The following staff reports provide an update on the project.

June 27, 2018 - SLRD Board
August 29, 2018 - SLRD Board



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