Regional Growth Strategy Monitoring 2016-2020

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Feb 4, 2022
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The RGS provides a “broad policy framework describing the common direction that the regional district and member municipalities will follow in promoting development and services which are sustainable, recognizing a long term responsibility for the quality of life for future generations”. Based on a 20 year planning approach, the RGS is to “guide development and encourage collaborative approaches to a sustainable future”. The Local Government Act sets monitoring requirements for regional districts with adopted regional growth strategies. The RGS has eleven goals with a set of indicators identified for each goal.  

As indicated in the summary table below, in 2020 progress toward the SLRD regional goals is mixed, though the majority (23 indicators) are either stable or improving. Data is not yet sufficient to identify any trends for 3 of the indicators as this is only the fourth monitoring report and due to the inclusion of new baseline data for a few new indicators. Six indicators are moving in an undesirable direction away from regional goals. 

SLRD RGS Monitoring Report 2016-2020

RGS Monitoring 2020 Snapshot 

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