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Oct 08, 2015
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The SLRD launched a region-wide discussion, during National Waste Reduction Week (October 19-25, 2015), about what it means to love this place. Residents shared photos of ways they minimize garbage at home and at work, to demonstrate your passion for the beautiful region we call home.

The photo with the most votes will win a piece of upcycled ski art from


The week long social media campaign launches the region’s new waste reduction tagline Love this place. Reduce your waste

In 2012, the region generated 47,100 tonnes of discarded waste. 57% went to landfill. That’s 26,966 tonnes of garbage – enough to fill the entire floor of BC Place to the top of a basketball net (10 feet)! The bulk of that waste goes to the Squamish Landfill or is shipped across the border to be buried in Washington State while a small fraction goes to the Lillooet Landfill .

On average each one of us is responsible for generating 540 kg of waste each year. The goal proposed by the Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan is to move that down to 325 kg/person. 

Jack Crompton, Squamish-Lillooet Regional Board Chair, says, “It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we as individuals don’t make much of a difference, but the compounding effects of our actions add up, and that’s never so apparent as when we start looking at the garbage we’re shipping to landfills throughout the region. This is a prime example of being able to measure the impact of working together towards a common goal - less landfill, and a more circular economy.”

Vote today - contest closes October 28th!


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