Illegal Dumping and Asbestos

Illegal dumping poses a threat to public health and safety and contributes to human induced environmental degradation. Of particular concern is the dumping of toxic or hazardous materials, which may include asbestos.

Asbestos is a hazardous material. Its fibres are extremely small and can remain suspended in the air for hours. For more information on where asbestos may be located in the home, please see the SLRD’s Asbestos Management webpage. People exposed to asbestos contaminated air can inhale the fibres. If handled without precautions, such as appropriate respiratory protection, asbestos may cause serious chronic health problems or even death.

Inappropriate disposal of asbestos waste puts the health and safety of the public at risk:

Improper removal of asbestos waste from a building during demolition or renovation puts the homeowner and/or contractor at increased risk of exposure.
Illegally dumped asbestos waste exposes the public and the environment to hazardous waste.

Due to the risks associated with asbestos waste, the SLRD recommends that the public not handle or disturb waste that may contain asbestos. The SLRD advises the public to report illegal dumping to RAPP.

Those caught illegally dumping asbestos waste may face significant financial penalties and/or jail time as follows: