Agreement Reached For The Provision Of Water To Pemberton North

Jul 31, 2014
Electoral Area C, Village of Pemberton

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Board and the Village of Pemberton Council announced today that an agreement has been reached regarding water service delivery from the Village to the Pemberton North Water Service . The agreement provides certainty to both parties regarding past and future water rates and payment terms.

In essence, the agreement reached will result in the following:

  •  Agreement on the amounts to be paid by the SLRD to the Village regarding water rates for the period   2007 – 2013;
  •  A 5-year agreement for the provision of water by the Village to the PNWS for the years 2014 – 2018;
  •  The cancellation of the Village’s lawsuit against the SLRD for past water rates; and
  •  Rescinding of the Village of Pemberton Termination of Water Service Bylaw 717, 2012.

“The agreement reached ensures a fair and equitable cost distribution regarding past and future rates for Pemberton North Water users,” says Patricia Heintzman, SLRD Board Chair. “Negotiations of this nature are complex and incredibly time consuming. I’d like to thank both parties for their commitment to getting this deal done.”

“We are pleased to have this agreement in place,” says James Linklater, Pemberton’s Acting Mayor. “Now we can move forward with certainty and focus our efforts on the capital projects we’ve got planned to ensure the long term sustainability of water services in Pemberton.” 

The Bulk Water Purchase and Supply Agreement for PNWS between the SLRD and the Village, renewable upon certain terms, is based on the Kerr Wood Leidal Village of Pemberton Water Rate Review undertaken in 2013 and 2014. Kerr Wood Leidal’s rate review established an equitable cost formula regarding future water rates for all users of the Village water system, and provides for rates that will make the Village water system sustainable in the long run. 

The two parties have also agreed that the SLRD will pay the Village an amount of $316,559 (this amount includes interest of $77,037) regarding the disputed water rates for the years 2007 - 2013. The interest portion of this payment will be put toward the Village’s planned Well #2 Rejuvenation and / or the Pemberton Meadows Pressure Reducing Valve (looping) capital project. 

“This is good news for Pemberton North Water users,” says Susie Gimse, Director of SLRD Electoral Area C. “Pemberton North Water users will also be happy to know that they won’t see an increase in their water rates to fund the payment of the settlement.” The PNWS is a service of the SLRD which provides water to a portion of Area C and which charges PNWS users for water. The PNWS is currently comprised of 116 land parcels and 31 mobile homes, encompassing 154 water connections and serving approximately 340 people.  The Village supplies bulk water to the PNWS via 2 metered connection points.

For more information, please contact:
Peter DeJong
Director of Administrative Services
Squamish-Lillooet Regional District
Telephone: (604) 894-6371 ext. 230

Jill Brooksbank
Communications & Grants Coordinator
Village of Pemberton
Telephone: (604) 894-6135 ext. 230

Media Contact: 

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Communications & Grants Coordinator
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