Changes to Lillooet Landfill Fees & Charges Bylaw

Oct 30, 2013
District of Lillooet, Electoral Area A, Electoral Area B

Bylaw No. 1297-2013, cited as “Lillooet Landfill Fees and Charges Regulation Bylaw No. 1297-2013”, was adopted by the SLRD Board at the October 28, 2013 Board Meeting. This new bylaw, designed to allow for better management and tracking of wastes at the Lillooet Landfill, also addresses new programs such as Composting and the upcoming Printed Paper and Packaging Stewardship program. The update bylaw also includes a new fee schedule for wastes brought to the Landfill. 

Lillooet Landfill tipping fee schedule

Janis Netzel, Director of Utilities & Environmental Services

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