Water Conditioning Project for Pemberton and Pemberton North is 90% complete

Mar 24, 2017
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area C, Village of Pemberton

The Village of Pemberton has shared the following update about the Water Conditioning Project. This will affect the water supply that services Village of Pemberton properties, as well as residents of Pemberton North who are serviced by the Pemberton North Water System. 

(The SLRD purchases water from the Village of Pemberton for the Pemberton North Water System. Approximately 160 connections in Area C are served by the Pemberton North Water System. See the map below.)

Here is the update shared by the Village this morning. You can find the information on their Projects/Initiatives page, by scrolling down to Water Conditioning Project.

Project Update | Water Conditioning Project

Due to the milder weather, the Water Conditioning Project was able to resume and is currently 90% complete.

This week, we received the soda ash injection system which will be installed over the coming weeks. Final finishing touches still need to be done to the wellhouse structure, once the injection system has been installed.

Following the installation of the soda ash system, Public Works will slowly be adding soda ash to the water system to bring up the water's pH, making it less corrosive. Once the system is operational, the results will not be instantaneous; adjustments to the system will be required for a period of time to stabilize the pH levels.

The Village will advise once we begin adding soda ash to the system.


Project Background

To treat the low pH and alkalinity of the Village drinking water, the Village is installing a Soda Ash conditioning system.  The implementation of the soda ash system is estimated to cost roughly $560,000.

This has been allocated from Water Reserves and Community Works Gas Tax Funds, a yearly grant delivered to all local governments in British Columbia to support local priorities. The installation of the system is not anticipated to result in an increase in Utility rates at this time.

The annual cost to operate the conditioning system is estimated at $45,000 per year. This cost will be included in future water service budgets; in 2016 a prorated amount of $25,000 has been allocated as approved in the 2016 - 2020 Five-Year Financial Plan.

Project Details

The project scope includes underground works, the expansion of the well house in Pioneer Park and the installation of the soda ash injection system.

Contact Information

For project-related questions, please contact Tim Harris, Operations & Development Services Manager at 604.894.6135 or by email. 

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