Pemberton Valley Agricultural Area Plan

The Pemberton Valley Agricultural Area Plan was initiated by the SLRD in 2008 with the support of the Investment Agricultural Foundation. It was adopted by the SLRD Board in 2012. The plan covers all lands within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) within SLRD Electoral Area C in the Pemberton VAlley, and does not include those lands within the Village of Pemberton or on First Nations reserves. 

The report provides an introduction to the planning process including policy context, methodology and a description of the plan area. It goes on to articulate a vision for agriculture in the Pemberton Valley. The plan sets out several guiding principles and seven overarching goals. It then goes on to list several objectives and action steps that stem from each goal. The final section of the plan sets out options for implementation. 

There are several Appendices to the report which are included as a separate report. The Appendices include a 2009 Land Use Inventory, SWOT Analysis, Preliminary Market Opportunities Analysis, and selected mapping of the Pemberton Valley. 

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