Temporary Use Permit #49 - Taicheng Development Corp.

May 18, 2017
Temporary Use Permit
  • Electoral Area D

Temporary Use Permit Application - TUP No. 49

The SLRD received a Temporary Use Permit application from Taicheng Development Corp. for temporary office trailer and ancillary parking to be located on a parcel in South Britannia Beach.  The applicant has requested a three year TUP.  The subject property is:  Lot A, Plan VAP21576, DL 1538, Group 1, NWD, Except Part Dedicated Road on Plan BCP28651 & DL 2001 and 7034, PID 010-077-277

TUP No. 49 was presented to the SLRD Board for their consideration at the April 19, 2017 meeting and approved.

Staff Reports

The following report provides information on the application.
April 2017 - SLRD Board

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