Bed and Breakfasts in the SLRD

What is a Change of Use Permit? 

A Change of Use Permit is required when changing the use and occupancy of a building. A change of use permit -from a single family dwelling to a single family dwelling with a B&B - is required for a dwelling to be used as a bed and breakfast. Building Permit Applications are available here

SLRD Zoning Bylaws

SLRD Zoning Bylaws include bed and breakfast as a permitted use in most zones. The SLRD does not require a bed and breakfast to be a part of an association and the SLRD cannot issue business licenses under its enabling legislation. Note that bed and breakfast provisions within the SLRD Zoning Bylaws require that the bed and breakfast be contained with the single family dwelling, which is owner/resident occupied; bed and breakfasts are to be auxiliary uses. For further information on where bed and breakfast are permitted and specific provisions, see the SLRD Zoning Bylaws page or contact the Planning Department by sending an email to:

BC Building Code & Change of Use Permits

There are safety requirements set out in the BC Building Code, which are addressed through the building permit process. For instance, a dwelling used as a bed and breakfast requires a change of use permit (from a single family dwelling to a single family dwelling with a B&B). As part of this process, a floor plan showing which rooms are proposed to be used for the bed and breakfast, and any renovations, is required.

This is important, as the BC Building Code requires that all suites in residential occupancies shall be separated from adjacent rooms and suites by a fire separation having a fire-resistance rating of not less than 45 minutes. However, “sleeping rooms in boarding and lodging houses where sleeping accommodation is provided for not more than 8 boarders or lodgers need not be separated from the remainder of the floor area as required in Sentence (1) where the sleeping rooms form part of the proprietor’s residence and do not contain cooking facilities.” (Note: the occupant load for dwelling units shall be based on 2 persons per bedroom or sleeping area.)

The purpose for the change of use permit is to ascertain that not more than 4 bedrooms are being used for bed and breakfast use, and that the use complies with zoning (the maximum number of B&B bedrooms may differ under the separate zoning bylaws). For further information on the building permit process, including change of use permits, see the Building and Inspection and FAQ pages or contact the Building Department at 1-800-298-7753 ext. 241 or