Yard Waste Bin 2021

The annual yard waste bin will be available from March 19 to May 30, at the same location as in previous years.

Yard waste bin guidelines are as follow:

  • All materials must be loose or in paper bags – NO plastic bags or compostable bags or bundles.
  • The bin should be treated in the same manner a green bin would be – the material is to be composted.
  • Please ensure the bin does not get over filled, call the SLRD office if it requires servicing.
  • Community members should note that they are not to leave any material outside/beside the bin, as this is considered Illegal Dumping and detrimental to the continued approval of the initiative.

Accepted materials: leaves, grass clippings, garden & flower bed residue, brush (hedge trimmings, branches -trimmed to fit inside bin).

Not accepted materials:  invasive species, construction waste, dirt, sod, stumps, garbage, furniture and plastics bags (including compostable & biodegradable.

Contact Information:
Phone: 604-894-6371
Email: Utilities@slrd.bc.ca

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