SLRD Emergency Notification Service

SLRD Alert is an emergency notification system that enables the SLRD to communicate important information quickly in the event of emergencies.  If you live in any of the thirty-one communities within the SLRD’s four electoral areas*, register today and know you’ll have the up-to-date information you need during an emergency.

(* Area A: Bralorne, Bridge River Valley, Gold Bridge, Gun Creek Road, Gun Lake, Marshall Lake, Tyaughton Lake

Area B: Yalakom Valley, Anderson Lake, Fountain Valley, West Pavilion, Pavilion Lake, Pear and Kelly Lakes, Seton Lake, Seton Portage, Texas Creek/Hwy 12

Area C: Birkenhead Lake, D'Arcy, Lillooet Lake, Mt Currie area, Mt Currie - D'Arcy corridor, Pemberton Fringe, Pemberton Meadows, Whistler-Pemberton corridor

Area D: Black Tusk/Pine Crest, Britannia Beach, Furry Creek, Ring Creek, Porteau Cove, Upper Paradise Valley, Upper Squamish Valley)

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When an emergency occurs, telephone, text or email messages will be sent to all registered contacts in the impacted area. Emergency notices, including evacuation alerts and orders, instructions, directions to emergency reception centres or shelters, and information on family reunification will be among the messages that could be sent out during an emergency. 

The system enables us to provide you with critical information in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, wildfire, floods, debris flows, unexpected road closures, and any other emergency events that could impact you, your family and your community.

SLRD Alert operates using the ePACT emergency network. This service is being offered for FREE to all families living in any of the SLRD’s four Electoral Areas*. You will own your account and information in the system. ePACT’s security standards meet those of online banks, and your information is never shared without your permission.

Simply enter your details below and you will receive an email with instructions on how to create your account with ePACT. Once you create your account and verify your contact information, you will be registered to receive SLRD emergency notifications.

To learn more about ePACT, and the many added benefits of setting up a free ePACT account, please visit their website:

How To Update Your ePACT Profile

1. Log in here with your email address and the password you created when you signed up (if you forgot your password, you can reset it here). 

2. On your ePACT page, click on your name and select "Squamish-Lillooet Regional District" (do not click "View More"). 

3. Click the Edit button to the far right. 

4. Edit your profile as needed, and be sure to click the Save button on the bottom of the page.

How To Verify Your Mobile Number On Your ePACT Account

1. Log in here with your email address and the password you created when you signed up (if you forgot your password, you can reset it here).

2. Once you are logged in, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the blue header. Then select Account Settings.

3. On the Account Settings page, click on Verify Mobile Number. (Please note, you must have entered a mobile number and chosen "Mobile" as a type to be able to verify for text messages.)

4. Check your mobile phone for a verification code sent from 778-762-0241. Enter this 5-digit code into the orange SMS Verification Code box on your Account Settings page. 

5. Well done! You have verified your mobile number. Now, if we need to send you an emergency or general message, you will also get a text message alert. 

SLRD Alert is not currently available to people living in the District of Lillooet, District of Squamish, Village of Pemberton or the Resort Municipality of Whistler. However, residents living in the District of Squamish can sign up for Squamish Alert and Squamish Nation members can sign up for Squamish Nation Alert - both services are powerd by the ePACT Network. 

Sign Up for SLRD Alerts

Please note that each resident must register with a unique email address to use ePACT.

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