Electoral Area A, B, C and D Regional Parks and Regional Trails Service Establishing Bylaws

Aug 15, 2022
Electoral Area A, Electoral Area B, Electoral Area C, Electoral Area D

Electoral Area A, B, C and D – respective Regional Parks and Regional Trails Service Establishing Bylaws

  • Update: The Electoral Area A, B, C and D Respective Regional Parks and Regional Trails Service Establishing Bylaws were adopted at the September 28, 2022 SLRD Board meeting.


A Request for Decision was considered at the SLRD Electoral Area Directors (EAD) Committee meeting, May 11, 2022 and the SLRD Board meeting, May 25, 2022, regarding regional parks and regional trails service establishing bylaws. The four bylaws were created to provide each electoral area director with a service that is specific to their respective areas.


The four service establishment Bylaws received first three readings from the Board on May 25, 2022, followed by consent of the Electoral Area Directors. They have been submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and are awaiting approval by the Inspector of Municipalities. Once Inspector approval is obtained, the Board may consider adoption of the Bylaws.

Currently, there are approximately 20 parks within the electoral areas of the regional district that are set up as local community parks. These differ from SLRD recreational assets like the Sea to Sky Trail, or the provincial parks, which are intended for use by visitors from outside the region.

Establishing a new service provides sustainable funding for maintaining and improving the parks for the benefits of the rural communities in each electoral area and supports long-term planning for future park locations, facilities and amenities. Previously, these community parks were supported by discretionary grant funds on an ad-hoc basis.

The proposed bylaws permit revenue sources in addition to property taxation, including fees and charges, agreement, enterprise, gift, grant or other means permitted by legislation. This provides the greatest flexibility to apply for grants, receive gifts or use discretionary funds. The tax rate for the proposed bylaws will be set annually as part of the budget process, and can be set at ‘zero’ or at other levels in accordance with direction from the Board.

There are reserve funds associated with the current Community Parks Service established under Bylaw No. 649. These funds were generated through various means, including tax requisition, development contributions, the Village of Pemberton’s boundary expansion contribution and a transfer of Electoral Area B select funds.

Generally, service establishment bylaws require approval of the electorate through either assent voting or an alternative approval process. However, in this instance, the proposed bylaws are eligible for section339 (2)(g) “regional parks and regional trails” of the Local Government Act, which requires that the participating area includes all of the electoral area and that the service can be established without borrowing.

Establishment of the regional parks and trails services through the Bylaws supports the SLRD’s mission to “enhance the quality of life of constituents through the facilitation of regional and community services for the benefit of present and future generations” and the Board’s strategic priority of supporting regional parks and trails with clean and well-maintained assets and facilities.

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