RGS Amendments

Municipalities can request amendments to SLRD RGS through a Council resolution. The SLRD Board initiates amendments by resolution. Individuals who want to change the regional land use designation for a specific site should approach the municipality where the property is located. 

The following outlines the criteria and process for considering amendments to the SLRD Regional Growth Strategy.

RGS Amendment Criteria and Process

  1. The process to initiate amendments to the RGS is by resolution of the SLRD Board. Member municipalities may, by Council resolution, request amendments; typically this will also involve a Regional Context Statement/OCP Amendment, with all amendments processed concurrently.
  2. On receipt of a resolution from a member municipality or the SLRD Board to amend the Regional Growth Strategy, SLRD staff will prepare a preliminary report for review by the RGS Steering Committee. RGS Steering Committee comments and recommendations will be forwarded to the SLRD Board to assist in its decision on whether the application should be processed as a minor or major amendment.
  3. The SLRD Board will assess the application in terms of the minor amendment criteria and determine if the amendment application should be treated as a minor or major amendment.
  4. An affirmative 2/3 vote of the SLRD Board members attending the meeting is required to proceed with a minor amendment process.

Criteria for a Minor Amendment

Criteria under which a proposed amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy may be considered a minor amendment include the following:

1. Where a land use or development proposal is inconsistent with the Regional Growth Strategy, and, in the opinion of the Board:

a) is not considered to be of regional significance in terms of scale, impacts or precedence; and
b) contributes to achieving a compact, complete and sustainable community.

2. Text and map amendments which are not directly related to enabling specific proposed developments may be considered minor if, in the opinion of the Board, the amendment is not of regional significance.

Amendment Process

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