Devine Transfer Station

Aug 7, 2014
Electoral Area C

Tipping fees to be introduced January 1, 2015

Historically, the Devine Transfer Station has relied on taxation to cover its operating expenses. However, increased hauling and operational costs have left the facility with a funding shortfall of approximately $4,000 - $6,000 per year. The service has been operating at a deficit since 2009. 

In October 2013, Devine Facilities Fees and Charges Regulation Bylaw No. 1302-2013 was first presented to the Electoral Area Directors (EAD) Committee. The purpose of the bylaw is to provide a regulatory framework for the handling and disposal of garbage at the Devine Transfer Station and to generate revenue to address the deficiencies in the operations budget.  This bylaw mirrors the fees of similarly collected waste streams at the Pemberton Transfer Station.

Following that meeting, staff were directed to amend the 'Unacceptable Waste' section of the fee schedule to better reflect the wording in the definitions. The EAD also requested that staff hold community meetings to inform the patrons of the Devine Transfer Station that the bylaw was being considered. In November, 2013, the SLRD held two community meetings to obtain feedback from residents on the proposed bylaw.  The bylaw was brought back to the Board on November 25, 2013 where it received first, second and third reading. The bylaw was not adopted at that time due to a request for more options and consultation. 

Following an information mailout and survey requesting property owners to choose the option they most preferred to generate more revenue for operations at the Devine transfer station, as well as the purchase of a small compacting unit that replaces four regular bins, the majority decision of the community who responded, was for tipping fees to be implemented at the Devine transfer station.

At the October 1, 2014 Regular Board Meeting, direction was given to staff to inform the community of the results of the survey and the intention of the SLRD to implement tipping fees at the Devine Transfer Station. A letter was mailed out to every registered property owner on October 7, 2014. The letter was also posted on the SLRD website and several copies of the letter were supplied to the transfer station attendant for distribution. 

Devine Facilities Fees and Charges Regulation Bylaw No. 1302-2013 takes effect on January 1, 2015.

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